I follow the religion of love
wherever it may lead, love is my creed.

Our Offerings 

We believe that by empowering you with knowledge; what you apply today will help teach others tomorrow.

The Herbistry offers both consultations and products. We are a dynamic natural health service that provides you with specialised solutions combining scientific evidence and traditional therapeutics.

Our Founder

Salma Yassien. B.SC Practitioner in Western Herbal Medicine.

Having come from a lineage of healers, I perused my passion of physiology and pathology at university and completed a Bachelors of science. My studies in Pharmacology opened my eyes to the potential of Herbal Medicine and I furthered my qualifications in Western Herbal Medicine.

Having seen loved ones being treated with cancer with both conventional and natural medicine, I felt there was a gap in the health industry, there is a divide between conventional and natural medicine. This is what has prompted the development of our three simple steps; healing should be easy and accessible and a lifestyle that you can pass on.