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Oral Hygiene is not just about cavity control and white teeth.

The mouth is the start of the Digestive and Respiratory system and also marks the first line of defence for the immune system. Parasites and pathogens Such as H. Pylori and Strep B enter through our mouths and spread throughout our bodies and cause illness.

A good oral hygiene routine can help maintain a balance between good and bad bacteria and strengthen the immune system.

Mouthwash concentrate may be an effective daily wash and gargle that may help reduce the buildup of bacteria in the mouth and throat and enhance gum health.

Indications: Sore Throat, Gingivitis, Mouth ulcers, Streptococcus, Helicobacter Pylori, Gum Disease, Blocked nose and sinus.

Instructions: Dilute 3ml of mouthwash in 30ml of water or saline, rinse mouth and gargle for 30 seconds. Use 2 times daily.

Ingredients: Licorice, Marshmallow, Thyme, Myrrh, Clove.

100ml makes 1lt of dilution. Only dilute 1-3ml in any one time.

Shake well and store in a cool dark place. This is a natural product but very potent, do not exceed limits recommended, if reactions occur cease use.